Your Marina Beach residency focuses on comfort and accessibility to services. It is essential to us that you benefit from shops and activities being in close proximity.

The beaches

  • Baie des Citrons
  • Baie Anse Vata

VoDiscover the most beautiful baies of Noumea within a few minutes walking-distance from your residency. The famous Baie des Citrons is only two minutes by foot, and contains restaurants, bars and night clubs - It’s the liveliest and trendiest place in Noumea.

You will dive into the heart of the Caledonian Lagoon in the Baie de l’Anse Vata, renown worldwide for sporting competitions (windsuf, kitesurf, wakeboard), within 10 minutes walking-distance

Tourism and Activities

  • The Lagoon Aquarium, between the Baie des Citrons and L’Anse Vata.
  • Promenade Pierre Vernier, for your early morning jog with a view of the water.
  • Ile aux Canards, Ilot Maitre, islands accessible by taxi-boats.
  • Port Plaisance swimming pool
  • Ouen Toro, panoramic view of all Noumea
  • The Marina of CNC

You will be staying in the liveliest area of Noumea, in terms of services. Make the most out of the landscapes, islands and cultural activities, all at an arm’s reach !


  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Snacks

You will have the opportunity to savour local or foreign specialties from nearby establishments !

Nocturnal life and entertainment:

  • Bars, mainly on Baie des Citrons
  • Nightclubs

Baie des Citrons is famous for its festive and warm atmosphere. The bars are open on the beach and you will be able to find a bar that suits your needs to relax and enjoy your stay.


  • Port Plaisance Casino
  • Caterer/Grocery shop on the corner of the street

You will have access to all shops from a walking distance from your residency, making your every day pleasurable !

Beauty and Health:

  • Baie des Citrons clinic located on the same street
  • doctors, dentists and pharmacies close by
  • beauty centres, 3 on our street

Health is an important element to take into account. The Marina Beach residency gives a quick caring for residents thanks to a close by clinic, pharmacies and a caregiver !


  • Bus stop 30 m from the residency
  • Possibility to rent a car
  • taxi

The means of transportation will not be an issue as you are in close proximity to buses.